Wedding Entertainers

When you are wedding planning and thinking about keeping your wedding guests entertained, your wedding entertainment is so important. It shouldn’t just be limited to the evening entertainment, the Wedding DJ, or a regular wedding cover band.

I see so many different entertainment ideas at many other events, although for weddings they often don’t get included or discussed. Sometimes this is because couples don’t have the experience in planning weddings or copy ideas straight off the Pinterest posts. Alternatively, they simply don’t have the knowledge of what fun wedding entertainment is available.

Here a few suggestions for your wedding to make it really memorable and fun. Things that we have seen at many other successful events and used by leading event planners and wedding planners.

Including Themed entertainment such as Circus themes, medieval themes, Vegas, Hollywood themes. Festival-themed weddings are also getting increasingly popular. Then there are mingling acts such as magicians, jugglers stilt-walkers, Cartoonists Caricaturists, Silhouette artists, balloon artists, and Lookalikes. When it comes to musical acts then think outside the box. There are unique ideas like tribute bands or street bands and singing waiters or comedy waiters. Finally, my favorite is a Silent Disco for weddings. Which will you choose to make your perfect day even more fulfilling and perfect?

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