Wedding Videographer

The happiest day of your life need not only be recorded in history by photographs anymore, but wedding videography is another option. This videography could be a part of your wedding photographer’s duties or, to save money, a family member could create this for you.

Your wedding videography could record the entire day, and could even include the honeymoon if you do it yourself. You may want to use audio or not. There is just no limit to what you could do with this technology.

The wedding videography might begin with the ordeal of the bride’s hair, and dress, and include conversations with the bridesmaids and family members. This would no doubt be very dramatic as this is an intense time, when all of the preparations that may have been going on for a year or more, are coming to fruition, for better or worse!

The wedding videography could then pan to the groom and might be comical if he is at all hung over from the bachelor party the night before. This would also probably be an opportunity for the groom to share his reflections on the chaos of the wedding preparations, and his feelings about his impending marriage. Naturally any dialog with the groomsmen or family would also be interesting.

Since the bride and groom will be going to the venue separately, this might require a second video recorder for the wedding videography to show both of their paths simultaneously leading up to their meeting at the selected venue.

It would be most effective to have a video of the actual wedding ceremony, and this would be the main event of the wedding videography. Everything suggested up to this point could be excluded, but not the ceremony itself. However, if a total picture of the day is desired, you could continue on with more examples of what would be fun to record.

After the ceremony, the happy couple appearing outside the venue could start another chapter of the wedding videography. Many situations could be recorded at the reception, the first dance, the cutting of the wedding cake, and toasts to the couple. Of course the entire list of wedding reception guests is a ready made cast of characters. Each person could be asked to give their good wishes to the couple, to be recorded and remembered along with their happy day.

The couple making their get-away could be the last chapter in the wedding videography, or it could continue as they depart for their honeymoon. Naturally, it would be a fun thing to do to bring the video camera along, and record all of the scenic places the bride and groom visit on their honeymoon.

Can’t stop? The final chapter is the bride and groom arriving at their new home together for the first time. This might take a 3rd party, as it will be difficult for the groom to hold the camera while carrying his bride over the threshold.

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